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We offer free classes to learn to defend and protect yourself in all aspects of fighting in and out of the cage.


Sharpen both your stand-up and ground fighting skills by learning to take control of the fight wherever it may go. Looking to fight in the cage? We are the place to start your fight career today.

Have a wrestling background? Interested in learning to not only wrestle, but be able to submit an opponent once you're on the ground?


Learn how to grapple both on and off your feet while utilizing practical techniques to minimize damage to yourself while maximizing your offense against any opponent. 

Mixed Martial Arts                  Training


    Jiu Jitsu

Join Arizona's Only non-profit MMA Fight team

contact us at train@bambusamma.com or stop by for a class today!

We offer traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes with belt rankings and promotions as you work towards your black belt.

​Become aware of what you can do with your body by learning to subdue opponents of any size and strength using proven submission techniques.